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The Forgiveness of Blood (2011)

Running time: 107 mins

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Film Information

DirectorJoshua Marston
ScreenwriterJoshua Marston, Andamion Murataj
StarringTristan Halilaj, Sindi Lacej, Refet Abazi, Erjon Mani, Luan Jaha


The powerful and richly textured second feature from Joshua Marston focuses on an Albanian family caught up in a blood feud. Nik (Tristan Halilaj) is a carefree teenager in a small town with a crush on the school beauty and ambitions to start his own internet café. His world is suddenly up-ended when his father and uncle become entangled in a land dispute that leaves a fellow villager murdered. According to a centuries-old code of law, this entitles the dead man's family to take the life of a male from Nik's family as retribution. His uncle in jail and his father in hiding, Nik is the prime target and confined to the home while his younger sister Rudina (Sindi Laçej) is forced to leave school and take over their father's business.

Rating Advice

Contains moderate threat

Showing Times

Sunday, 4th August


Sunday 3 March by Critic Reviews - The Forgiveness of Blood

Even if it lacks a stand-out turn it's still a grippingly authentic slice of life. - Total Film


Has an earthy whiff of authenticity. But it's seriously lacking in incident and dramatic drive. Admirable work by British cinematographer Rob Hardy, though. - Observer


Joshua Marston hops on another subculture - Albanian blood feuds - and operates sensitively once again in the space between 21st-century ethnographer and enlightened genre director. - Guardian